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About Fergus James Riordan

Fergus Riordan was born in Madrid to British parents. His work has been influenced by the years he spent working in the film industry - most recently directing short films - and the work of artists such as Duane Michals. In his work particular attention is paid to narrative, memory and loss. Often coupling photography and film with poetry and literature, he dislikes the partitions that have been created between art forms, and advocates worthy unification. This, in part, is due to his study of both film and photography theory, and his keen interest in written art forms.

Exhibitions, publications and films:

2019 - Bachelor of Photography, Graduated from Leeds Arts University with First-Class Honours

2019 - ‘Dilate’ Published and available for purchase

2019 - ‘Leeds Arts University Degree’ Group Exhibition

2019 - ‘Fergus Riordan: Bridging artistic divisions from behind the lens,’ Interview with Andrew Weltch

2019 - ‘Nice People Magazine,’ featured in publication, edited by Meg Firth

2019 - ‘Amalgamate,’ Group Exhibition, Assembly House, Leeds

2018 - ‘Millennials,’ Group Exhibition, The Old Red Bus Station, Leeds, curated by Grace Smith

2018 - ‘Cherry Pickers,’ Short film (writer, director, cinematographer, editor)

2018 - ‘Portraits of The Future at Present,’ self published soft cover book

2017 - ‘It Concerns a Woman’ Short film (director, cinematographer, editor), inspired by Camus’ The Fall